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Thoughts on Design: Persona 4: The Golden's Battle System

Since the release of Persona 4 the Golden, I have been playing it quite a bit. These games are rather difficult, but this is what makes the game fun. The difficulty comes from not knowing the weaknesses of enemies and not knowing them makes the game that much more difficult...

This is a part one of a many part series; as I play more of the game there are many other aspects of the game I want to discuss.

Indulging yourself for Halloween

Fall: the time of the year where all the ghouls, paranormal entities and general spooky stuff becomes much more apparent. So what are some games that would complement this intense time of the year? Well, they're getting harder to find anymore... Two of the most popular survival horror series, Resident Evil and Silent Hill, have succumbed to tossing out their previous game design choices, going for more streamlined action, instead of straight survival horror.

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DLC Quest: Video Game Satire At Its Finest

With the video game industry being plagued with companies trying to make a quick buck with “downloadable content”; indie developer Going Loud Studies makes a satirical video game dealing with this predicament. DLC is by far not a bad thing, but when companies like Capcom lock content that is on the disc that requires the purchase of DLC, that's when it gets absurd. Oh, and How about Bioware releasing day one DLC for Mass Effect 3? The content of that doesn't matter, but releasing something that expands upon the story at release is a little absurd, especially since the consumers have not even beat it yet. Now this is what Going Loud is making fun of with DLC quest, the game requires the player to purchase basic features like movement with in game currency to advance through the game. Sounds crazy? Well it kinda is, but it makes a really compelling short game.

Thoughts on Design: Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus... One of the most inspiring games I have ever played. The game itself is extremely simple. Travel to a location, find the enemy, watch the enemy, create a strategy, then execute it. Very little resource management (health), only sixteen enemies in the entire game, and the only other entity that you need to keep track of other than the enemy and yourself is Argo; the nice faithful steed that takes you from place to place. This allows the player to take in the art direction very well with little to no HUD as well as having a good render distance. It ultimately creates an extremely unique experience unlike anything I've played.

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Let's get Twisted with Twisted METAL!

Fast paced, frantic, insanely fun. Just a few words that describe the newest iteration of Twisted Metal. A franchise that is now 17 years old. A franchise that somehow easily translated in to modern gaming despite not having a true sequel in over a decade. David Jaffe was able to make another game that just blew me away!

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