DLC Quest: Video Game Satire At Its Finest

With the video game industry being plagued with companies trying to make a quick buck with “downloadable content”; indie developer Going Loud Studies makes a satirical video game dealing with this predicament. DLC is by far not a bad thing, but when companies like Capcom lock content that is on the disc that requires the purchase of DLC, that's when it gets absurd. Oh, and How about Bioware releasing day one DLC for Mass Effect 3? The content of that doesn't matter, but releasing something that expands upon the story at release is a little absurd, especially since the consumers have not even beat it yet. Now this is what Going Loud is making fun of with DLC quest, the game requires the player to purchase basic features like movement with in game currency to advance through the game. Sounds crazy? Well it kinda is, but it makes a really compelling short game.

Gotta get them coins to buy some DLC!

DLC Quest is an extremely simple platforming game akin to Super Mario Brothers. The goal of the entire game is to collect coins and purchase features within the game. There is no way to die, only two areas to explore, and the player can only swing a sword and jump. The game is so simple yet compelling at the same time, but what makes it so interesting? Buying the abilities and basic features. The game starts out with no animations, no sound, no ability to move left, or even jump. You have to purchase each one with coins you collect. The events that occur are quite absurd albeit equally entertaining, such as a cameo from Cloud and Mr. Smith. The writing is minimalistic yet not serious at all and the entire package conveys the message rather well.

Hey what's up Cloud? How's it going?

It's really hard to describe this game since there is not much to it at all. It's only thirty minutes long, has a strong message about the way video game companies are going, and totally worth the two bucks it's going for. It's a nice tongue in cheek kind of game that is impossible to take seriously. Just play it, or watch someone play it at the least.





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