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on 1/20/2014 11:44:30 PM (1/20/2014 11:44:30 PM)
SolidStache | Mr. Big Shot

I want to start organizing weekly gaming sessions for Day Z and figure out times that will work for everyone. I plan on reviving the TF 2 thursdays so that won't work well, but everyone give their respective times that they can game usually and we'll figure out a date for the first session!

I am free tuesday and thursday nights, but there are a few other open days as well but it's due to scheduling from my job.

so post away!

on 1/21/2014 12:20:30 AM (1/21/2014 12:20:30 AM)

After 9pm any day. Kinda.

on 1/22/2014 2:15:14 PM (1/22/2014 2:15:14 PM)

im off this Sunday, next wed and sat. ill know more days off tonight when the schedule is posted

on 1/22/2014 10:15:56 PM (1/22/2014 10:15:56 PM)

im free 4-11 mon-friday otherwise free on sundays and sat


on 1/22/2014 10:29:31 PM (1/22/2014 10:29:31 PM)


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