Let's get Twisted with Twisted METAL!

The Good

  • Fast paced, high intensity fun!

  • Many different cars, each one of them has at least one unique ability.

  • Voice acting isn't bad, somehow they were able to pull off using actual actors for cut scenes.

  • Modernized vehicular combat games successfully.

  • Online car customizer is amazing. They actually let you download the photoshop file and edit it.

  • Objectives switch up the story mode quite well.

  • Split-screen up to 4 players.

  • LAN capabilities, only two players per system though.

The Bad

  • Controls are quite confusing at first...

  • Learning curve can be steep.

  • Story mode doesn't have a tutorial.

  • Boss battles can be extremely frustrating.

  • When you go in to the garage, it pauses the game. Can be annoying for co-op play.

  • Online games are nearly impossible to get in to one... Should be fixed soon though.

The Nitpicks

  • Juggalos.


Fast paced, frantic, insanely fun. Just a few words that describe the newest iteration of Twisted Metal. A franchise that is now 17 years old. A franchise that somehow easily translated in to modern gaming despite not having a true sequel in over a decade. David Jaffe was able to make another game that just blew me away!

Twisted Metal uses the same template as all the other games. Calypso is having yet another tournament dealing with car destruction and killing each other. Whomever wins ultimately receives a wish of anything they want. Calypso then misinterprets or rather, uses a more morbid or literal sense of their wish and everything goes awry. There's only three characters; Dollface, Mr. Grimm, and Sweet Tooth. The story mode goes through all three characters, gives some background of how they go insane, then how each of their wishes go.

The game play though... That is where the game shines. There is never a dull moment in story mode due to how many bots there are. All those different cars that you can chase, shoot at, and juke. Each car feels rather balanced currently, but then again I have not been able to join many online matches, so its hard to say exactly how balanced it really is. The special abilities used on the d-pad benefits the players greatly, allowing players to avoid a barrage of missiles with the shield, planting mines while being chased to attempt to deal damage, or using the freeze bomb to set up a perfect shotgun shot. What Im saying is, the control scheme really suits fast-paced gameplay. I dig it.

There's a lot going on just in the HUD, but don't be intimidated! Behind this large learning curve is an extremely fun game!

There are 17 vehicles total, all of them are acquired right from the start save for Axel (pre-order bonus) and Warthog (have to get gold medals in all levels on hardest difficulty). Some vehicles feel like re-skins (kamikaze/crimson fury, death warrant/roadkill) but their stats are different as well as their secondary specials. Not all the vehicles are cars too, there's a helicopter and the Sweet Tooth vehicle is able to turn in to mech that is able to fly and smash the ground. There is a good variety; there will be a vehicle for everyone.

If the appearance of the vehicle bothers you at all, feel free to jump on twistermetal.com and use their online editor that allows the user to customize all the textures of the models. You can choose to use their built in editor, or download the PSD and use photoshop to edit it yourself, then upload it to the editor and save it. A system that is unique to the console platform. User generated that is created online that comes to life in a game! Something that seemed only possible on PC.

Check out that sweet Not Another Castle car! It only took me about 10 to 15 minutes to make!

Twisted Metal is a long living franchise that somehow captured the feel of the 90's iterations while keeping it fresh; something not all game designers are able to achieve. I applaud Eat Sleep Play and David Jaffe by being able to create a game that is fun, nostalgic, and awesome. This is a game that is hard not to recommend to people who love fast paced competitive games.


Mr. Big Shot


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