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Achievements 58
Total Points 2,648
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Nuclear Dawn Achievements

Name Description Points % of All Players
Charging In Sprint for a total of 20 kilometers. 66 1.6%
Cloak-on-Cloak Action Get killed by a Stealth's melee while you are cloaked. 66 1.4%
Use Candles Destroy 50 secondary power structures. 66 1.6%
Master Commander Win 10 warfare games as an RTS Commander. 66 .7%
Poke In The Eye Build 20 Radar structures. 66 .8%
Overcompensation Build 250 turrets, of any type. 66 1.3%
Huffing And Puffing Destroy 5 bunkers. 66 1.1%
Hospital Duty Heal to a total of at least 10,000 hit points with a single Supply Station. 66 .5%
Around The Track Score a kill with every class and weapon kit in the game. 66 2.1%
Headshot Score a headshot with every bullet weapon in the game. 66 1.4%
Some Like It In The Shadows Spawn as a Stealth infantry 100 times in a row. 66 1.3%
Semper Assault Spawn as an Assault soldier 100 times in a row. 66 1.9%
Armour Feels Good Spawn as an Exo soldier 50 times in a row. 66 1.6%
I'll Fix You All Spawn as a Support infantry 100 times in a row. 66 1.1%
Full House Destroy one of each structure. 66 1.1%
Theresa, Mother Theresa As a Medic, heal at least 10 people with the same medpack. 66 .4%
Colossal Stealth Kill a Commander at their console in their Commander Bunker, while playing as Exo infantry. 66 1.9%
There's Plenty To Go Around Kill three players with the same explosive weapon. 66 .8%
The Scourge Kill 100 Commanders 66 .6%
Ants Capture 5 resource points with at least 2 other members of your clan. 66 .4%
Locusts Capture 10 resource points with at least 2 other members of your clan. 66 .3%
Legion Capture 25 resource points with at least 2 other members of your clan. 66 .3%
Strength In Numbers Play on the same team with at least 3 other members of your clan. 66 .4%
Playground Bullies Win a game with at least 3 other members of your clan on your team. 66 .4%
Traitor Win a game against at least 3 other members of your clan on the opposing team. 66 .3%
Team Domination Capture all resource points in a map. 44 3.5%
Cresus Was Here Spend at least 150000 resources in a single game. 44 3.0%
Craven Kill yourself by firing at the ground with a siege weapon. 44 4.4%
It's Alive As a Medic, heal a player that had 10 or fewer hit points. 44 3.6%
Bad Santa Kill a Commander in Silo during the 2011 Winter Sale 44 3.2%
Veteran Trooper Win 25 warfare games as an FPS soldier. 44 2.3%
Leading The Troops Win a warfare game as an RTS Commander. 44 5.4%
The More The Merrier Build 5 spawn gates. 44 5.0%
Industrial Revolution Build one assembler. 44 4.4%
Cyber Ressurection As an Engineer, repair a structure that was at 10% of its hit points or less. 44 3.4%
Deep Blue Unlock every single research item within a single game. 44 3.8%
Man Versus Machine Destroy 20 turrets. 44 4.0%
Put The Tool Back In Your Pants Kill 5 Engineers as they repair a structure. 44 3.6%
Golden Targets Kill 3 Commanders in the field, out of their bunkers. 44 3.7%
Come Out And Play Kill 20 cloaked Stealth infantry. 44 2.9%
Running Up Run a total of 10 kilometers. 44 3.0%
Big Game Hunter Kill 20 Exo soldiers. 22 12.0%
Sniping With Love Score 3 kills with a sniper without dying or missing a single shot. 22 7.1%
Angel of Death Score 25 kills in a row without dying. 22 6.6%
Big Brother As a Commander, heal at least 4 of your troops with a single healing ability. 22 7.5%
Deathless Win a Warfare game without dying. 22 6.4%
Property Damage Inflict 100,000 points of damage on structures. 22 7.0%
Sneak Kill Kill a Commander at their console in their Command Bunker. 22 7.5%
Trained: Commander Graduate Complete all of the Commander Tutorials 14 12.9%
Trained: Soldier Graduate Complete all of the Soldier Tutorials 14 13.7%

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