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Achievements 11
Total Points 2,493
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Osmos Achievements

Name Description Points % of All Players
Ambient Master Show Hidden 330 .9%
Master of the Force Show Hidden 330 .7%
Viral Master Show Hidden 330 1.0%
Master of the Deep Show Hidden 330 1.1%
Graduate of the Osmos Complete the game. 220 2.1%
Black Hole Sun Collapse the system in level F2-3 by feeding the Attractor. 220 5.8%
Purity Complete all Ambient zones. 220 8.4%
Gravitronics Complete all Force zones. 220 2.0%
Fittest Complete all Sentient zones. 110 14.8%
Voyager Unlock all zones. 110 18.6%
Disciple of the Osmos Complete all tutorial zones. 73 64.4%

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