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Super Laser Racer

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Achievements 23
Total Points 2,751
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Alias Steam Score Achievements
moopz moopz 35 (1.3%) 1 (4.3%)

Super Laser Racer Achievements

Name Description Points % of All Players
Mastery Special medal for Super tournament (Hard) 270 .8%
Completist Earn all the Special medals on all levels 270 .7%
Trophy Hunter Unlock all tournaments (Hard) 216 3.6%
Super Fry Destroy an opponent with the Super Laser 216 2.3%
Sharp Shooter Destroy an opponent with the Cannon 162 5.6%
Proximity Destroy mine with an ECM blast 162 5.7%
Plasmaster Destroy an opponent with a Plasma 162 6.7%
Heat Seeker Destroy an opponent with a Missile 162 5.4%
Minefield Mayhem Destroy an opponent with Mines 108 9.3%
Major Laser Destroy an opponent with a Laser 108 7.4%
Space Farer Unlock all ships 108 9.4%
Specialist Earn a Special medal 108 10.8%
Survivor Win a Survivor quick race 108 8.1%
Kamikaze Destroy an enemy in your death blast 108 9.3%
Hunter Destroy multiple enemies in a race 108 8.1%
Bomb Disposal Destroy a Bomb before it explodes 54 18.7%
Pacifist Win a race without using a weapon 54 12.1%
Eliminator Win an Eliminator quick race 54 13.6%
Bomber Destroy an opponent with a Bomb 54 11.3%
Defender Use Shield to protect yourself from a Missile 54 16.7%
Tractor Factor Use tractor beam to overtake opponent 35 28.8%
Speed King Win a race 35 34.6%
Ace Pilot Complete a lap without taking any damage 35 27.9%

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