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Achievements 13
Total Points 2,818
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LIMBO Achievements

Name Description Points % of All Players
No Point in Dying Complete the game in one sitting with five or less deaths 470 .7%
DING! Show Hidden 376 1.9%
It's Stuck Prepare a dry landing 282 4.1%
Climbing the Cog Don't pull the lever just because you can 282 4.1%
Under Ground Vertical passageway 282 8.1%
Going Up Don't let gravity keep you down 282 4.9%
Backtracking Ride the crates 188 13.9%
Guided by Sparks The crate is key 188 14.4%
Urban Exploration Involves heavy lifting 188 13.6%
Alone in the Dark Beneath the arthropod 94 20.5%
Wrong Way That's not right 62 35.7%
Altitude is Attitude Exploration off the ground 62 48.0%
Where Credit is Due Perseverance has its own reward 62 31.0%

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