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Achievements 73
Total Points 9,459
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Left 4 Dead Achievements

Name Description Points % of All Players
SAFETY FIRST Play an entire campaign with no Survivors taking friendly fire damage. 270 4.0%
WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO PROVE? Survive all campaigns on Expert. 270 4.0%
NOTHING SPECIAL Survive a campaign with no Survivors taking damage from Special Infected. 270 2.3%
DISTINGUISHED SURVIVOR Earn at least a Bronze medal on every official Survival level. 270 3.5%
HEROIC SURVIVOR Earn at least a Silver medal on every official Survival level. 270 2.1%
LEGENDARY SURVIVOR Earn a Gold medal on every official Survival level. 270 1.8%
TRUCK STOP Your team wipes all Survivors after the escape vehicle has opened in Crash Course. 270 1.5%
20 CAR PILE-UP As A Tank hit 20 Survivors with a car in the Crash Course campaign. 270 1.0%
JUMPIN' JACK SMASH Pounce a Survivor for 25 points of damage in the Crash Course campaign. 270 2.4%
SLIPPERY PULL Smoker pull a bile-covered Survivor until you hold him during Crash Course. 270 4.7%
THE LITTLEST GENOCIDE Kill 5,359 Infected in the Crash Course campaign. 270 3.1%
WIPEFEST Your team incapacitates three Survivors within five seconds. 270 4.1%
Kill Bill Have Bill sacrifice himself for the team. 270 4.3%
Barrel Rolled Kill a Special Infected with an exploding barrel. 270 2.2%
Chaos Generator Have all 3 generators running at once in "The Sacrifice" finale. 270 3.2%
Sacrifizzle As a Special Infected, incap someone who is trying to sacrifice themselves. 270 1.1%
Supreme Sacrifice Complete "The Sacrifice". 216 6.8%
SMASH HIT Win a Versus campaign of Crash Course. 216 8.8%
STOMACH UPSET All Survivors complete a campaign without being vomited on. 216 8.6%
RED MIST Kill 1000 Infected with a mounted machine gun. 216 7.7%
UNBREAKABLE Finish a campaign without ever using a first aid kit on yourself. 216 9.3%
ZOMBIE GENOCIDEST Kill 53,595 Infected. 216 6.5%
ZOMBICIDAL MANIAC Survive any campaign on Expert. 162 9.9%
AKIMBO ASSASSIN Survive an entire campaign using only pistols. 162 12.7%
UNTOUCHABLES No Survivors take damage after contacting the rescue vehicle. 162 11.8%
MAN VS TANK Single-handedly kill a Tank. 162 12.5%
All 4 Dead Kill all four Survivors on one life as a Tank. 162 13.5%
TANK STUMBLE Stun a Tank with an explosion in the Crash Course campaign. 162 10.9%
QUICK POWER Restart the generator within 30 seconds of it shutting off. 162 15.4%
SILVER BULLETS Earn a Silver medal in Survival mode on any official level. 108 22.0%
VIOLENCE IS GOLDEN Earn a Gold medal in Survival mode on any official level. 108 18.2%
DEAD WRECKENING Dole out 5000 total Survivor damage as a Special Infected. 108 25.0%
LAMB 2 SLAUGHTER As an Infected, incap a Survivor who has entered and left a safe room. 108 21.1%
LAST STAND Complete one round of Survival on The Last Stand. 108 25.8%
BARF BAGGED Cover four Survivors with Boomer bile at once. 108 17.0%
BIG DRAG Drag a Survivor 100 feet with your tongue as a Smoker. 108 20.6%
CR0WND Kill a Witch with a single headshot. 108 16.7%
DO NOT DISTURB Sneak past all Witches in a campaign without disturbing one. 108 18.7%
FIELD MEDIC Heal 25 Survivors with a first aid kit. 108 21.1%
PHARM-ASSIST Give pain pills to 10 Survivors. 108 25.1%
BACK 2 HELP Leave a safe room to save an incapped teammate and bring them back safely. 108 23.9%
BURN THE WITCH Light a Witch with a Molotov. 54 44.0%
DEAD GIVEAWAY Heal a fellow Survivor when your own health is below 10. 54 28.0%
GROUND COVER Save another Survivor from a Special Infected while on the ground. 54 42.2%
CLEAN KILL Shove a Boomer and then kill him without him splashing on anyone. 54 35.0%
STAND TALL Survive a campaign without being incapacitated. 54 29.2%
HELPING HAND Revive 50 incapacitated Survivors. 54 27.1%
DEAD STOP Punch a Hunter as he is pouncing. 54 45.7%
CHAIN SMOKER Constrict two Survivors on one life as a Smoker. 54 27.8%
DOUBLE JUMP Pounce two different Survivors on one life as a Hunter. 54 30.5%

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