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Achievements 12
Total Points 7,524
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Dota 2 Achievements

Name Description Points % of All Players
Party Time! Complete a game while in a matchmaking party 627
What's That Smell? As Pudge kill an enemy with rot at the same time you die from it 627
You're A Crook Captain Hook As Pudge land 5 hooks on enemy heroes without missing or dying 627
The Biggest Winner Win 100 games as Pudge 627
First One's Free Complete your first game of Dota 2 627
Caught the Bug Participate in 10 games 627
Breaking the Scale Win 50 games as Pudge 627
Vegetarian Consume 3 trees using Tangos 627
Combo Meal As Pudge kill an enemy hero by hooking, rotting and dismembering them 627
Addicted Participate in 100 games 627
I Can Quit Anytime Participate in 1000 games 627
Just Ten Bites Win 10 games as Pudge 627

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