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Achievements 25
Total Points 2,464
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Alias Steam Score Achievements
moopz moopz 160 (6.5%) 3 (12.0%)
Epic Chops Epic Chops 32 (1.3%) 1 (4.0%)

Solar 2 Achievements

Name Description Points % of All Players
Hobo Star Start the 3rd part of the "Duel" mission as a single star with no planets and beat it in under 3 minutes. 144 .6%
I'm Late! Complete the first part of the "Concert" mission in under 1 minute. 144 1.6%
Dark Champion Beat the final boss as a dark matter star without using Physics or God options. 144 1.0%
Master Thief Steal 10 planets on the "Planet Stealer" challenge mission. 144 .8%
Challenge Novice Complete every challenge mission with any score. 144 1.4%
Challenge Pro Complete every challenge mission with a hard level score. 144 .9%
Gentle But Firm Complete the 2nd part of the "Fine Art" mission without dying and without evolved life on your planet. 144 1.2%
Ninja Complete each of the "Assassin" mission parts without dying. 144 1.8%
I Got This Kill all the attacking ships in the first part of the "Heist" mission before completing it. 96 2.4%
Planetary Soloist Complete the second part of the "Concert" mission with no evolved life on your planet. 96 3.0%
Why did you kill me? Why? 96 4.9%
Get Lost Get Lost. 96 8.0%
Grind Star Make a 40 star system. 96 1.9%
Dude, I Don't Suck! Beat all the missions without using Physics or God options. 96 5.0%
The Entity What is the entity? 96 6.4%
Overcrowding Get the maximum possible life in your system. 96 3.8%
Super Clock Get 10 planets in your system orbiting clockwise. 96 5.5%
Flying Blind Go from a small black hole (<150k mass) to Big Crunch without the interface visible. 96 6.0%
Speed Cycle Go from Big Bang to Big Crunch in under 20 minutes. No menu respawning. 96 2.6%
Betrayal Grow to a black hole from a multi star system. 48 13.0%
Elite Make a 6 star system. 48 17.1%
Supremacy As a star have an orbiting life planet with 100 kills. 48 21.5%
Snowflake Star Get 4 points in the star challenge mission "Snowball Fight". 48 13.9%
Asteroid Nursery Have 15 asteroid moons around your planet. 32 30.5%
Big Crunch Grow so large you absorb the whole universe. 32 67.1%

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