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Dungeons of Dredmor

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Achievements 124
Total Points 2,633
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Dungeons of Dredmor Achievements

Name Description Points % of All Players
Dread Less Kill Lord Dredmor on Elvishly Easy Mode. 30 2.3%
Dread More Kill Lord Dredmor on Going Rogue Mode. 30 1.5%
Dread or Alive Kill Lord Dredmor, on Elvishly Easy Mode, with Permadeath. 30 1.0%
Dread and Buried Kill Lord Dredmor, on Dwarven Moderation Mode, with Permadeath. 30 1.8%
Left For Dread Kill Lord Dredmor. On Going Rogue. With Permadeath. You total badass. 30 1.3%
Master Ninja Master the Thrown Weaponry Skill Tree. 30 2.1%
It's Alive... And Gross! Master the Fleshsmithing Skill Tree. 30 2.1%
Fields Medalist Master the Mathemagic Skill Tree. 30 2.2%
Stay Out Of My Head Master the Psionics Skill Tree. 30 2.1%
Necronomiconeconomist Master the Necronomiconomics Skill Tree 30 1.8%
Hail Odin! Master the Viking Wizardry Skill Tree. 30 2.0%
Starstruck Master the Astrology Skill Tree. 30 1.7%
The Humanoid Typhoon Master the Deadshot Skill Tree. 30 2.2%
Love Slave of Yoggoth Master the Fungus Mastery Skill Tree. 30 2.6%
There's Really Nothing Funny About The Phrase "Wand Lube" Master the Wand Lore Skill Tree. 30 1.7%
Perilous Podiatry Die by kicking a door down. 30 2.4%
High Cholesterol Eat One Hundred Diggle Eggs. 30 2.2%
Fruit Create some Fruit. 30 1.8%
Everybody Loves a Pork Sword Craft the Omnipotent Pork Sword. 30 1.6%
Realms of the Id Equip the Rusty Helm AND the Green Armour. 30 1.7%
Krong is a Fickle God Get cursed by Krong 100 times. 30 .6%
Kleptomania Lose a stack of 100 or more items to a Kleptoblobby, or other Thieving monster. 30 1.1%
Boil Water Advisory Die by drinking acid from a fountain. 30 .8%
Double Rainbow Damage an enemy with a base damage type and every special damage type simultaneously. 30 1.0%
Monsters With Omelettes Eat 100 Deep Omelettes. 30 .5%
Nothing to See Here, Move Along Stay invisible for 50 turns. 30 2.5%
The Critic Perform 500 acts of Heroic Vandalism. 30 .8%
I Can't Believe That Worked Defeat Lord Dredmor with a Random Skills build. 30 .8%
Sewer Brew Show Hidden 30 .4%
I Didn't Ask For This Equip two Clockwork Power Limbs, Two Clockwork Chain Axes, and a Clockwork Bolt Thrower. 30 .7%
The Sea is a Cruel Mistress Drown. 30 2.0%
Team... Jacob? Master the Werediggle Skill tree. 30 1.6%
You're Totally Emo Master the Emomancy Skill tree. 30 1.0%
Soylent Green Is... Soy, Actually Master the Vegan Skill tree. 30 2.0%
Sir Mix-A-Lot Make 1000 potions. 30 .5%
The Devil's Achievement Master the Demonology Skill tree. 30 1.5%
Dead Man's Chest Master the Piracy Skill Tree. 30 2.1%
You Used All The Glue on Purpose Repair 500 wands with the n-Dimensional Lathe. 30 .4%
Loyal Soldier of the Empire Equip the Imperial Boilerplate Armour and the Imperial Boilerplate Helmet. 30 2.0%
You Know What Time It Is Equip the Parachute Pants and the Warhammer. 30 1.9%
Stabbity Stabbity Stabbity Master the Daggers Skill Tree. 30 1.6%
Golbez Is My New Master Now Master the Polearms Skill Tree. 30 1.5%
It's Good To Be a Bankster Master the Bankster Skill Tree. 30 .7%
Order of Lenin Master the Communism Skill Tree. 30 1.1%
And Therefore, a Witch! Master the Magical Law Skill Tree. 30 .7%
The Achievement of the Sphinx Master the Egyptian Magic Skill Tree. 30 1.0%
The Truth Is Way Out There Master the Paranormal Investigator Skill Tree. 30 .8%
Three Men In A Boat (Not Including the Diggle) Master the Tourism Skill Tree. 30 .7%
An Empowering Lemon Bundt Master the Warlock Skill Tree. 30 .9%
You Have To Bang The Rocks Together, Guys Master the Battle Geology Skill Tree. 30 1.4%

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