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Achievements 21
Total Points 2,611
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Costume Quest Achievements

Name Description Points % of All Players
Tisn't the Season Play Costume Quest on Christmas. 290 6.9%
Birdbrain Beatdown Defeat Araxia in battle. 232 14.2%
Jeepers Peepers Acquire the Eyeball costume. 232 14.1%
Revolutionary Hero Complete all quests in Repugia. 232 13.0%
Master of Disguise Use every Costume Ability in battle. 232 12.5%
They'll be worth a lot someday Collect all Battle Stamps. 174 16.7%
Short Stack Find the mysterious visitor in the cliffs of Repugia. 174 14.9%
Playin' Hooky Use the Pirate hook on 5 unique ziplines. 174 15.5%
All Decked Out Collect all Creepy Treat Cards. 116 22.8%
Sweet Justice Beat the game. 116 24.5%
Mask-O'-Raider Complete all Quests in the game. 116 20.4%
Make it Work Win the Autumn Haven Mall Costume Contest. 58 28.6%
Chompin' Champ Win all prizes in Bobbing for Apples. 58 25.4%
The Last Gourdian Acquire the Pumpkin Costume. 58 26.5%
Dressed to Quest Acquire 5 Costumes. 58 30.5%
Binary Bouncer Use the Robot Costume to Boost off of 15 different ramps. 58 27.1%
Do the Monster Bash Get the jump on 10 different monsters by pail bashing them to initiate combat. 58 31.1%
Dozer Dodger Defeat Metxel in battle. 58 28.6%
Downsized! Defeat BoJonn in battle. 39 39.7%
Leave some for the rest of us! Collect a total of over 4,000 candies. 39 43.5%
Battle Buds Defeat a monster in combat with a friend by your side. 39 62.7%

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