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Guacamelee! Gold Edition

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Achievements 60
Total Points 2,874
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Guacamelee! Gold Edition Achievements

Name Description Points % of All Players
Catch the Rainbow! Connect with all six special attacks without touching the ground 100 1.6%
That was Hard Mode? Defeat the game on Hard mode 100 1.4%
GREETINGS, FELLOW CHICKEN As the Pollo Luchador, find and talk to each of the four giant chickens with the green sombreros 100 2.1%
Bone on bone Conquer the final column of arenas in La Caverna del Pollo as the Skeleton Luchador 100 1.8%
GOOOOOOOAL! Complete Infierno challenge 10 and challenge 15 as El Brody 100 1.9%
The Old-Fashioned Way Complete Infierno challenge 14 using Goat Fly no more than four times 100 2.2%
Beastly Complete Infierno challenge 17 as the Alebrije 80 3.1%
The Devil wears Revenge! Defeat Calaca with full health in Diablo's Suit 80 2.8%
World Champion Earn a Gold Medal in all Infierno challenges 80 2.3%
Title Contender Earn a Silver Medal in all Infierno challenges 80 2.5%
Heavyweight Earn a Bronze Medal in all Infierno challenges 80 3.1%
Heroine-ism Defeat Calaca with Player 1 playing as Juanita 80 2.8%
The Never Ending Combo Achieve a 300 Hit Combo 80 6.0%
Up Close and Personal Defeat Calaca using only melee attacks 80 4.4%
Who put these here??? Collect every chest in the game 80 3.3%
El Savior Show Hidden 80 5.9%
I swat you Defeat a Chupacabra using only Slam 80 5.3%
They hit really hard Defeat 5 arenas in Hard mode 80 2.4%
Poncho'd Out Complete the Combo Chicken quest (Defeat Poncho forever) 60 9.6%
Delicious Complete the World's Greatest Enchilada quest 60 12.0%
Gumshoe Complete the Chicken Thief quest 60 11.8%
Which came first? Enter egg mode while playing as the Pollo Luchador 60 11.9%
I feel empty inside Collect a health orb as the Skeleton Luchador 60 7.4%
Bag o' bricks Throw an enemy while playing as Juanita or Tostado 60 8.6%
Lore Master Complete All Side Quests 60 6.7%
Cleaned Out Buy all the items in the shop 60 8.3%
Boom-Shack-Calaca Defeat Calaca 40 16.2%
I AM ERROR Complete the I AM ERROR quest 40 14.8%
Stop squirming Defeat an Alux using only Headbutt 40 18.2%
Music to my ears Complete the Mariachi Band quest 40 16.7%
Green Thumb Uproot 20 plant enemies 40 17.4%
That's using your head Headbutt an enemy off a cliff 40 21.9%
Rocketman Soar through the air for 12 seconds using "Goat Fly" 40 21.3%
Nooks and Crannies Find 100% of the hidden items in a single area 40 23.7%
Got to catch them all Find an orb 40 21.8%
Snuffed Out Defeat Flame Face 40 24.5%
Licking his Wounds Defeat Jaguar Javier 40 21.3%
Wheeee Teleport through an Olmec head 20 42.4%
Combo Nerd Achieve a 150 Hit Combo 20 29.9%
That's one big Gato Frito Kill the Alebrije 20 42.7%
Cock of the Walk Defeat an enemy as a chicken 20 37.3%
X'tabay-Bye Redeem X'tabay 20 34.3%
Belly Flop Destroy a Block using Slam 20 41.1%
Pow Destroy a Block using Dash Punch 20 26.1%
Boomerang Defeat an enemy with its own projectile 20 39.7%
Shopaholic Spend $10000 in the store 20 36.0%
Giant Killer Defeat 3 giant skeletons 20 44.4%
Reunited Complete the Missing Doll quest 20 27.1%
Endurance Complete a full stamina upgrade 20 46.7%
All Cooped Up Complete the Chicken Herding quest 14 53.0%

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