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Achievements 28
Total Points 2,829
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Catan Achievements

Name Description Points % of All Players
Lone Wolf Win a game without trading (fellow players AND bank). 220 .3%
Villager by Conviction Win a game without building a city. 220 1.7%
On Principle Move the Robber to a player who currently holds no cards in his hand. 220 .1%
Wood for Sheep Trade 42 times 1 Lumber for 1 Wool in a game. 220 1.9%
Rule them all Play and defeat all the computer characters in custom games. 176 6.5%
Trading Skills Only trade with your fellow players at least 2:1 in your favor and win. 176 5.7%
King of all Trades Get all 3 Metropolises in a game. 176 4.3%
Roadblock Interrupt the longest road belonging to an opponent. 176 6.0%
Defender of the Realm Become "Defender of Catan" five times in a single game. 132 7.9%
Coastal Road Build your roads, settlements, and cities exclusively on coasts. 132 7.8%
Omnipresent Build a Settlement or a City at every number in a game. 132 8.5%
Veteran Knight Build a Mighty Knight, a City Wall, and a Metropolis and move the Merchant in a game. 88 20.9%
Monoculture Build all your settlements and cities next to a single type of resource and win. 88 18.4%
Wall Builder Have three Cities with City Walls in a game. 88 18.8%
Empire of Catan Build settlements on all the islands in a Seafarers scenario. 88 17.6%
Explorer Reveal 10 fog-covered hexes in a single game. 44 30.1%
Knights of the Round Table Play 12 Knight Cards in a single game. 44 28.4%
Peace Place the Robber on a hex where he will affect no one. 44 28.1%
Roadworks expert Build a road with 15 or more segments. 44 31.2%
Pack rat Collect 20 resources in your hand. 44 29.5%
Troublemaker Cause 5 Barbarian attacks in a game. 44 24.8%
Treasure Hunter Find 5 treasures in a single game. 44 23.0%
Domination Win a game by having the Largest Army and the Longest Road. 44 26.4%
Brawn before Brains Win a game where you always had more Knights than City Improvements. 29 45.2%
Second to None Win a game with more than a 5-point advantage. 29 52.5%
Robber Baron Rob your opponents 10 times in a single game. 29 62.0%
Wholesaler Possess at least 3 harbors. 29 39.7%
Outsourcing End the game having never lost a City to the Barbarians while never building a Knight. 29 53.9%

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