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Aarklash: Legacy

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Achievements 29
Total Points 2,716
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moopz moopz 28 (1.0%) 1 (3.4%)

Aarklash: Legacy Achievements

Name Description Points % of All Players
Secret Game Show Hidden 168 2.9%
Still Love! Show Hidden 168 1.1%
Aarklash : Legacy Complete the game in Rag'narok level of difficulty 168 1.0%
Real Time Start a new game in Rag'narok level of difficulty; then reach and kill Baron Mornstar without ever pausing the game. Make sure you disable the tutorial and the automatic pause options. 168 .7%
Acrobat Complete the Cave of the Behemoth without ever being hit by a Skeleton Mage projectile 168 .8%
Inverter Make an enemy die with a healing spell 168 3.1%
Grrrrrrr!! Defeat the first Lord of Pain in Rag'narok level of difficulty without ever pausing the game during the combat 168 .6%
Healers at rest! Defeat the Golems in Rag'narok level of difficulty with Knokka, Denzil, Frinz and Leck Lorus 168 .5%
Hormones Show Hidden 126 3.5%
Explorer of the Abandoned City Find all the chests within the subterranean city 126 5.1%
I am a goddess Finish the game 126 9.1%
The secret of the Statues Solve the mystery of the statues at the beginning of Act 3 84 12.1%
Treasure!!! Open the door that leads to the treasure chamber before you meet your Patron Lockshy 84 14.8%
Betrayal Complete Act II 84 15.3%
Vengeance Complete Act III 84 9.1%
Gold Link Reach level 20 with one of your units 84 13.1%
Mysterious Explorer Find all the chests on the map where the statues show you the way 84 11.0%
Master Jeweler Make 10 Epic items 84 17.0%
Explorer of the Behemoth Find all the chests on the map where the Chimera is to be found 42 24.8%
Silver Link Reach level 10 with one of your units 42 29.4%
Hunted Complete Act I 42 32.2%
Minmaxeur Develop a skill to its maximum 42 30.0%
Mechanical Love Be present at the encounter between Knokka and Frinz 42 28.2%
Apprentice Jeweler Make 5 Epic items 42 24.4%
Oops, sorry! Kill one of your own units with an ally 42 29.0%
First Victory Defeat the Major Elemental 28 45.1%
Noob Jeweler Make an Epic item 28 43.1%
Wheel Sword Reach level 2 with one of your units 28 79.5%
Copper Link Reach level 4 with one of your units 28 61.4%

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