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Achievements 26
Total Points 2,301
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Alias Steam Score Achievements
SolidStache SolidStache 93 (4.0%) 3 (11.5%)

Cloudbuilt Achievements

Name Description Points % of All Players
I Don’t Want To Hurt You Reach an ending from New Game without firing a single shot (except during tutorial) 144 .1%
I Just Want To Play Bring a stunned aracthoid with you for a while on your journey 144 .1%
Quick On Your Feet The top of the tower can never hurt you 144 .1%
Ruthless Kill or stun 10 enemies in 5 seconds or less 96 .6%
Like A Glove Let the goal catch you 96 .2%
My Favorite Spot The view from up in the garden is just wonderful 96 .3%
Oh No, Not Again What’s the probability of this happening? 96 .2%
Through The Fog Complete Fog 96 2.7%
Heart Of The Ruins Collected all extra lifes in the Fog branch 96 .3%
Castle In The Sky Show Hidden 96 .3%
A Forgotten Path Achieve A-rank on pathfinder mode in Ruins 96 .2%
Among Friends Hug the mines! 96 1.2%
The Truth Revealed...? See all the endings 96 1.5%
An Inner Journey Collect all of Demi’s logs 96 1.7%
Moving Up In The World Earn your first S-rank medal 96 1.8%
Nearly There! Earn an A-rank on every level 96 .3%
How Fast?! Earn a S-rank on every level 96 .2%
Gotta Go Fast! Earn S-rank in every mode on every level 96 .1%
Life Insurance Increase your life cap to 316 lives 96 .2%
I Don’t Need A Tutorial Swoosh through the intro level 96 .4%
I’m Just The Practice Level That’s the next level over there! 48 4.7%
The Long Road Ahead Earn your first A-rank medal 48 4.8%
Eyes Wide Open Complete Cloudbuilt 48 3.9%
Where Is The Animal Hospital? Increase your life cap nine times 31 12.3%
Downpour Complete Rain 31 20.2%
Shifting Light Complete Eclipse 31 22.6%

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