The Binding of Isaac

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The Binding of Isaac

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Name Description Points
The Cross Complete the full game with Maggy 72
The Halo Give mom a taste of her own medicine! 72
The Bandage Make a Super Meat Boy! 72
Moms Knife Complete Sheol with Isaac 72
The Bomb Bag Complete Sheol with Cain 72
The Left Hand Show Hidden 72
Judas's Fez Complete the full game 36
Basement Boy Complete the basement without taking damage 36
Samson Kill mom but pass on 2 treasure room items 36
Moms Pill Bottle mom needs her pills! donate blood. 36
The Shears ive lost my head one too many times... 36
My head hurts... Show Hidden 36
I need a hug... Show Hidden 36
The Necronomicon Call death upon all of them! 36
The Gamekid i lost mine in the arcade... 36
Lokis Horns Defeat all bosses in the depths 36
The Bag Complete the full game with Cain 36
The Noose Complete the full game 2 times 36
The Nail Complete the full game 3 times 36
The Quarter Complete the full game 4 times 36
The Fetus Complete the full game 5 times 36
The Radioactive Spider Complete the basement 22
Monstros Tooth Defeat all bosses in the basement 22
The Spelunker Complete the Caves 22
Lil Chubby Defeat all bosses in the caves 22
I Killed Mom! kill mom... 22
The Book of Sin Destroy the 7 Sins! 22
Cains Eyepatch Collect 50+ pennies in one play through 22
Maggys Wig Collect 7+ container hearts in one play through 22
The Parasite Kids shouldnt play with dead things... 22
Mr. Mega! Kids shouldnt play with matches... 22
The Rock i like to break things... 22
The Bean you dont wanna know where this bean has been... 22
Eve's Dead Bird Make 2 deals with the devil in one play through 22
A Gift From Krampus Show Hidden 22
Platinum God! 100% the game 182
Samsons Lock Show Hidden 182
Eves Bird Foot Show Hidden 182
???s Soul Show Hidden 145
Maggys Faith Show Hidden 145
Cains Eye Show Hidden 145
Judas' Tongue Show Hidden 145
Daddys love Show Hidden 145
The Bloody Penny Complete the final chapter with Samson 145
Blood Rights Kill Satan with Samson 145
The Sacrificial Knife Complete the final chapter with Eve 145
Forget Me Now Show Hidden 145
The Demon Baby Complete Sheol with Eve 145
Dark Boy Complete the depths without taking damage 145
Golden God! 100% the game 145

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